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The following list of photo galleries is sorted into date order but backwards – ie YYYY-MM-DD as that enables the website manager to locate them in the database – sorry about that!  Click on a title to see the photos in that gallery – then click on an individual photo and enlarge it with the up/down-arrow sign below it.  To see a slide show of all the photos in a gallery, click on the right-pointing arrow and photos rotate every few seconds:

2009 and earlier2010-22013-42015-7
Historical photos2010-05 Fred Burton dunes2013-06-08 Fred Burton dunes2015-03-12 Hale Yr 4 Visit
2005-04 Dune 3 vegetation2010-06 North Floreat dunes2013-06-09 North Floreat2015-05-24 Dune 1 planting
2006-01 Photos of perhaps Lancelin beach and Boardwalk plantings2010-06-01 White broom and tea tree removal N Floreat2013-09-08 Challenger Park Ecozone2015-06-21 Busy-bee
2006-05 Social2010-07 Dune 1 and social2014-03-06 Growth at Challenger ecozone since Sept 132015-07-25 Floreat planting
2006-051 Fred Burton dunes after clearing May 052010-11 Oceanic-Challenger roundabout2014-05 Dune 1 acacia removal2015-09-18 Conservation Volunteers 14 to 24 Sep 15
2007-03 Boardwalk - March photos to Aug UWA visit2011-06-19 Car park at north end of Floreat Dog Beach access road2014-06-29 Dune 1 planting (some in Aug 2014)2016-05-15 Fred Burton Busy-Bee
2007-03 Dune 12011-07-10 Fred Burton dunes2014-07-13 Growth at Challenger ecozone since Sept 132016-05-29 Fred Burton planting
2007-04 Seed collection2011-08 UWA tour2014-10-20 Challenger ecozone infill planting and Dune 1 weeding - CVA volunteers2016-05-31 Green Army plantings Floreat SLSC
2007-07 Boardwalk planting2011-12-18 Seed collection2014-10-21 Ivo Davies - volunteer of the year2016-06-12 Dune 2 and Boardwalk
2007-08 Beach erosion and beach photos (dates uncertain)2012-05 Boardwalk and Floreat Dog Beach car park2014-11-7 Boardwalk Woodside weeding Nov 142016-07--24 Boardwalk planting
2008-06 Dune 4 planting2012-06 Dunes 1 and 2 planting2016-08-05 Coastwest 2016-7 grant award
2008-11 Boardwalk2016-08-07 South Fred Burton planting
2009-01 Planning and boardwalk growth2017-04-11 South Fred Burton weeding by CVA volunteers
2009-05 Dune 1Coastal Forum 7 April 2017
2009-051 South Challenger dunes (Bold Park)Floreat dog beach blowouts 18 June 2017
2009-09 Fred Burton dunes>Floreat dog beach 2nd planting on 2 July 2017
>After completion of Floreat dog-beach blow-out plantings 30 Jul 17