Planting day Sunday 30 July

We are hoping the weather forecast is right for a fine day this coming Sunday so we can finish off planting for 2017.  We have about 400 plants to put in and we have spaces for about 200 or more at path 16, so we will park the trailer there.  We will ask some of you to take buckets of plants down to path 13 and put them in down there where we have space for another 100 or so. There’s also another area on the Floreat dog-beach slip-road where we can put some of the lepidosperma gladiata (Sedge) plants.

Please come down to path 16 at 9am on Sunday July 30. Path 16 is off the bitumised car-park at the northern end of the slip road running north from Floreat Surf Club (Google pic ).  The same planting procedure will be adopted as last time:

  • Some volunteers will be using shears to cut spaces in the coir matting aiming for a spacing of 2 plants per metre.
  • Other volunteers, preferably working in teams of two, will carry a bucket of plants with a supply of fertiliser pills and wetting agent into the matted area.
  • As last time, we need to dig a hole with a trowel deep enough to bury half the plant’s foliage.  A fertiliser pill goes in first, then the plant, then backfill the sand around it pushing it down to ensure the root ball is surrounded and covered with sand.  Then use your heel to make sure the sand is firm around the plant, and spread a handfull of wetting agent around it.
  • We will then mark the plants with a cane to try to prevent people walking on them.

Please give Cambridge Coastcare an hour or two of your time. As usual, we will adjourn to the Floreat kiosk cafe for a coffee etc afterwards.  Please put the date and time into your diary/calendar now.