S&P Global corporate weeding day 26 April 2018

S&P Global, an international company which provides rating services and information databases to businesses and stock exchange prices indices for numerous countries including ASX indices, chose to come to City Beach for its staff community service day this year.  The visit was arranged by Perth NRM which provided food, tea and coffee (thanks Ingrid) and was facilitated by our Coastcare Co-ordinator Adeline Morrissey (thanks Adeline too!). The team of10 adults and 8 children collected 40 large bags of weeds – sea splurge and pelargonium from Floreat and white arctotis and pelargonium from Fred Burton south.  A great effort, many thanks to team leader Kristie Lobegeier and all involved – see photos

This is Kristie’s report of the visit:

“The team at West Perth embraced their very first Impact project on April 26th 2018. All dressed in their Give Back t’shirts we looked like a force to be reckoned with. The location for our project was City Beach and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. The highlight for most of us was that we could bring our kids and they bought added enthusiasm and laughter to our day. This in itself allowed us to socialise with people we generally wouldn’t. One of the children even found $20 in the scrub making it even more exciting. The staff are commenting how great it was to socialise with their colleagues in a different environment and how their kids could finally meet each other. I believe this project has bought our team closer and made them more enthusiastic towards doing more of these type of activities.
Our Non-profit organisation, Perth Region NRM Inc were very friendly and professional and they made us feel very appreciated. They too enjoyed the energy the children bought to the day. Our morale was boosted with them commenting on what a fantastic hard working team we were and that we were filling up bags of weeds quicker than they could keep up. One of the staff had to go buy more bags at one stage and we managed to fill 40 in total!
Perth NRM is part of a state wide network of NRM organisations that has worked together for more than ten years and managed funded programs at a regional level as part of the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme. Through natural resource management, they contribute to the ongoing social, economic and environmental well-being of the Perth region – and work to promote long term outcomes in relation to the quality and quantity of  water resources, the health of the coastal environment, the value and abundance of their biodiversity, the preservation of cultural heritage and the sustainability of agricultural practices.
Growing up on the coast myself I am very aware of the affects that erosion has on coastline and it was important to me to help make a difference. Most of the Western Australian coast has been affected by erosion in some way and some beaches such as Quinns Rock last Christmas had to be fenced off and signs erected stating the devastating and dangerous affects caused. It’s also not just the beaches that are in danger but also the Government’s assets such as roads, sewers and power lines are all at risk of being washed into the ocean as well.
Working with NRM we learnt about how the local Noongar Aboriginal people used to look after the land. They traveled according to their six seasons, which bought a change of weather, food sources and lifestyle.  We learnt that our generation wasn’t doing as good a job as our previous descendants and this was a very important lesson that touched most of us and had us thinking- we really need to work together to help combat such a destructible force if we want to keep our beaches, roads and housing for the future.
After learning to distinguish different types of weeds, how they take over native scrub and the affects on the ecosystem we got straight into removing them. We learnt by doing this we also were making room for new seedlings to be planted as well. Planting of trees and seeds happens in Winter to give them the best chance of survival, unfortunately we missed this time frame but most commented they would like to do it next year. We checked on some previously planted trees and were instructed to leave the tree guards for now. Some of the kids were delighted to be told they could collect spinifex and replant it in a position that would combat some of the soil mounds that were blowing away. This was something I didn’t know you could do and I found it quite fascinating that something so simple could have such a positive affect.
I believe this project was not only successful in helping our local non-profit organisation with their sustainability mission, but it inspired us all to be that little bit more “greener” and it bought awareness to our children and hopefully set them up for doing their part in the future.
I feel “inspired” about the impact we have made together with NRM. I thoroughly enjoyed running this project and have confidence that any future projects will be just as successful. So thank-you to all my colleagues, their family members that contributed, NRM and S&P for giving us this beautiful opportunity.
Kristie Lobegeier”