Plantings on 1 July

Thanks to nearly 30 members and volunteers, we made short work today of ‘infill’ planting of 400 Spinifex plants, adjacent to the exposed frontal dunes at Floreat dog-beach, coastal Paths 14 and 16. And although this native species thrives under high wind, salt spray and sand eroding conditions, to give them the best start in these tough conditions, we installed protective covers.  See our Facebook post for more information.  Despite very strong winds since Sunday, the protective shields have stayed in place for both the Sunday planting and the previous planting of the area near the car-park.  A job very well done so many thanks to the many volunteers.

The recent storms have excavated quite a lot of sand from the leading edge of the dunes along the Floreat dog-beach and right down past the surf club.  Some pictures of the damage and our recent plantings are below.  The fence has been undermined at the southern end of the restoration area at path 16 and has been removed entirely from the the area between paths 13 and 14.  It has been bundled up by the ocean and washed under the Herdsman Drain which empties nearby, and it may well have to stay there.