Coastwest Grants 2018-9

We were successful in gaining two Coastwest grants for 2018-9, one for a stage 2 project to arrest erosion and rebuild vegetation at the Floreat dog-beach dunes, and the second grant for an aerial monitoring project to learn more about sand drift and build-up along our dune systems – more details will be available in our winter newsletter due soon.

Other nearby Coastcares and LGA groups were also awarded grants –  Swanbourne Coastal Alliance gained a grant for rehabilitation of dunes in conjunction with Scotch College (perhaps we should be talking to Hale School), Cottesloe gained a grant for ecological restoration of the Dutch Inne groyne site involving local primary schools in weed control and planting, with similar projects in Joondalup and Mullaloo.

We look forward to sharing the benefit of a grant allocated to a group of LGAs comprising Joondalup, Stirling, Cambridge, Fremantle and Cottesloe.  They will stage events to involve current and prospective community coastcare volunteers in training, knowledge sharing, skills development and education focused on coastal conservation and restoration.  A series of events will be held targeting: indigenous culture and coastal significance; new research and developments in coastal and marine management; on-ground restoration of coastal sites; marine and coastal debris; and engaging community volunteers/volunteer retention.