Visit by Morley SHS students on 15 August

On 15 August, a group of 18 Year-10 students from Morley Senior High planted over 200 plants in the dune to the east of the Floreat Beach (‘helicopter’) car-park, and in the area used by Telstra for its new sub-sea optical fibre cable on the beach access road north of Floreat Surf Club. The students worked well and enjoyed a break on the beach at morning tea time.

Also in the photos below are some shots of the damage done to our beachside restoration areas at path 14, where the fence has been washed away completely and a bit more than a metre of the matting and planted area lost, and north of path 15 where a corner of our planted area and the adjoining fence have been undermined.  The winter storms have excavated sand from the beach and frontal dunes more than usual this year, but the removed sand hasn’t gone far and is awaiting the more gentle seabreeze conditions to start building up on the beach again.  Hopefully, sand will fill back to the affected areas during spring and summer and we will put the fences back in place as part of our stage 2 project to restore vegetation to the blown-out areas along the Floreat dog-beach.