Planting on 30 June and Neville Passmore’s blog

Many thanks for the work put in by so many of you on Sundays 16 and 30 June.  We have achieved a lot – about 1000 plants have gone into the three restoration areas at track 16 on the Floreat dog-beach and each has been given the best of send-offs in terms of careful planting and excellent follow-up rainfall to get them going.  Keith Croker and the author spent a few hours in glorious summer weather on the beach yesterday putting a new supply of plant shields to good use in filling in the gaps left when we ran out of them on Sunday. 

I am hopeful that next winter we will have a robust revegetated dune system to combat the winter storms and can concentrate on getting some flora diversity back into the fore-dunes.  Hopefully, we get spared the north-westerly swells which did such damage to the front of the dunes last winter – we shall see how much of our fencing remains intact come spring but it has served its purpose to a large extent in building back the dunes in the track 16 area where they got washed away last year. 

Track 14 is the next focus of attention when we have a further planting day planned for 16 July provided the weather forecast stays good.  In the meantime, the photos below show the week-end’s activities and I commend to you the attached Neville Passmore blog – you can obtain these blogs regularly by subscribing at the Perth NRM website .