Perth NRM and Coastal Conference – ‘Our Coast, Our Land’

The WA Perth NRM and Coastal Conference ‘Our Coast, Our Land’, is being held at Edith Cowan University from 1 to 4 October 2019.  The conference programme is attached and booking are made at the following website –

Day 1 comprises field trips, and a conference opening in the evening. Days 2 to 4 include plenary sessions and workshops on a wide range of topics, many relevant to Coastcare’s work.  Cost range from $550 for early bird 4-day registration to $375 for one day’s attendance with special rates for students.  The WA NRM and Coastal Conference organisers have announced that Lotteries West funding is available for community volunteer organisations to attend this event/ session and the Conference.  You will need to register to attend the conference to find the link to the application form for a subsidy. We understand that the subsidy is capped in total so that full refund of costs is only available if the number of applicants falls within the cap, but that the cap has not been exceeded in the past.