Members meeting 24 March – to change constitution

Attached is formal  Notice for the Extraordinary General Meeting proposed for 7pm on Monday February 24th at Floreat Surf Club. The Committee recommends a proposed change to the Constitution, which is now to be put to the CCC membership.

The proposed changes are seen as necessary to accommodate CCC members who wish to join the committee in excess of the current maximum of 8 and to simplify the existing requirement for re-election which is confusing and usually results in an arbitrary division of those elected at the previous AGM as to who is to stand down and who remains for a further term of one year. A special resolution requires the approval of 75% of those members present and voting so please come along to have the change explained and to consider you vote. 

So, come along, meet your committee, and also hear a brief run-down of this years’ planned activities from our new President, Meg Anklesaria.  Coffee, tea or a glass of wine will be available.