Planting at Clancy’s dune on 14 June 2020

Congratulations to the team – 1021 plants in 2.5hrs

A huge turnout of members and volunteers this morning at City Beach resulted in planting 1021 plants in 2.5 hours.  It wasn’t easy work – cutting a hole in the matting to enable a hole to be dug with a trowel for the plants, placing a fertiliser tablet in the hole, knocking the plant out of the pot, planting it and firming down around the sides of the root ball, then placing a plant guard around it and securing it with bamboo canes.  Town of Cambridge finished off the job by sending Leo’s water-truck to water the plantings – many thanks to all of you for the hard work.  Hopefully the patrons of Clancy’s Fish Pub will be able to gaze upon a garden of native plants whilst quenching their thirst and enjoying the fish and chips in a year’s time.