Next planting activity – back to the dog-beach!

The next planting (not quite as large and busy as the one near Clancy’s) will occur on Sunday June 28th at 9am. We are looking to plant about 400 plants but each will take longer because there is more walking and carrying involved.

We will gather at the dog beach (old path 16 – now CMB 12). This is found at the northern end of the slip-road running parallel to West Coast Highway north of Floreat Beach. Please wear enclosed footwear and long pants, as well as glasses or sunglasses. 

We will be planting various species in the dog-beach restoration areas  – carpobrotus, conostylis, sedge, leucophyta, olearia, rhagodia and scaevola – to improve the diversity there. In earlier years’ plantings, we have concentrated on getting spinifex growing on what was bare sand, but we now want to get other species established.