Cambridge Coastcare has been active in coastal rehabilitation projects since 1998. During this period Cambridge Coastcare has initiated 12 projects of 12-24 months duration, funded by State and National funding schemes with in-kind and cash support from the Town of Cambridge and the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority:

ProjectFunding sourceAmount
Creating a benchmark for Cambridge Coastcare. Coastwest (2000).
Developing best practice in restoration and dune stabilisation of dune vegetation. Coastwest Project 21049. (2002).$30,000
Biodiversity enrichment plantings for coastal dunes. Envirofund Project 37733 (2003). $30,000
Biodiversity enrichment and conservation.Swan Alcoa Landcare Program (2004).$21,128
Identification, conservation and enrichment of biodiverse zones of Cambridge coastline. Envirofund Project 48998 (2005). $29,800
Integrated restoration for enhancement of biodiversity values of coastal dunes. Coastwest Project 25083 (2005). $22,635
Coastal boardwalk biodiversity enhancement project. Swan Alcoa Landcare Program (2006). $20,671
Safeguarding two locally endemic coastal plant species.Coastwest Project 26082 (2006). $7,850
Enhancing biodiversity values and linkages in a peri-urban coastline. Envirofund Project 59001 (2007). $18,400
Eradication of the pernicious woody weed Victorian Tea Tree from the coastal zone of the Town of Cambridge. Caring for our Country Project CC084480 (2009). $49,140
Eradicating woody weeds and enriching the biodiversity of coastal dunes – targeting Victorian tea tree and white weeping broom in the coastal dunes of Cambridge. Caring for our Country Community Action Grants Project CAG10-00600 (2011). $19,900
Biodiversity enrichment and conservation management of degraded coastal vegetation. Coastwest Project 201189 (2012). $33,700
Ecological management and restoration of coastal dunes Community Action Grant (CAG-1078735-1327). $19,850
Restoration of degraded coastal dunes in the Town of Cambridge. Coastwest Project 201477 (2014). $21,300
Purchase of polo shirts for members Perth Region NRM's Small Grants Program. $1,500
Restoration of high value degraded coastal dunes, City Beach. 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants 2014-15. $19,500
Restoration of high profile degraded coastal dunes at City Beach. Coastwest Grants 2015-6 $16,700
Arresting Floreat dog beach blow-outs Coastwest Grants 2016-7$11,200
Challenger Parade dune restorationCoastwest Grants 2017-8$15,000
Arresting Floreat dog-beach blow-outs stage 2Coastwest Grants 2018-9$ 5,250
Improving coastal dune monitoring and management using innovative technologiesCoastwest Grants 2018-9$16,000
Re-stocking digging toolsLandcare's Toast to Coast Grants 2018$ 2,000
Floreat Beach dune restorationCoastwest Grants 2020-1$10,590
Improving coastal dune monitoring & management - Phase 2Coastwest Grants 2021-2$10,240
Helicopter car-park dune restoration projectCoastwest Grants 2021-2$8,868
Running total$441,222