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Cambridge Coastcare aims to protect and enhance the recreational, educational and environmental values of the coastline within the Town of Cambridge municipality. We need your help to:

  • Monitor beach usage, impact and environmental changes.

  • Assist the Cambridge Town Council with problems associated with the coastline.

  • Seek funding for coastal management projects.

  • Conduct volunteer working days for beach front restoration and maintenance.

  • Monitor beach front developments and assess impact.

  • Encourage public interest in the preservation of the coastline.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?
No experience necessary. The only prerequisite is a willingness to help restore local coastal dune ecosystems. Please contact one of the committee if you are interested.

Interested in joining the committee?
Please print and complete the membership form and either:

– mail to
Cambridge Coastcare
2 Camden Street
Wembley Downs WA 6019

or email to [email protected]

or hand the form to one of the committee, together with the membership fee chosen.

Membership of Cambridge Coastcare (Inc) shows your tangible support for the objectives and the activities of the organisation. Cambridge Coastcare needs your practical support and subscription to help in the preservation of our coastline and beaches as one of Western Australia’s best beaches with outstanding environmental values.