Windbreak fencing at the Floreat dog-beach

We had a great turnout of volunteers on January 6, last Wednesday, to put up wind-break fences at the Floreat dog-beach – track CMB12 to be precise – between the ocean ends of Bent Street and Empire Avenue in City Beach. The forecast was for 40degrees C so we made an early start at 8am and got the job done by 10.30am but not before it got seriously warm! We erected 15 short fences and covered them with hessian cloth – see photos. Many thanks and let’s hope for lots of good strong sea breezes to pile up the sand between the fences to build up the dunes. We hope to be able to put matting down in the autumn and plant it in the winter.

Coastal Plants 2nd edition

Our founding member, Professor Kingsley Dixon, has published a second edition of his book Coastal Plants and we have updated the presentation of native plants and weeds on the website to include additional species now illustrated in Kingsley’s book. The book is published by CSIRO Publishing and is available via online ordering and the revised pages on our website are linked here: – native plants, weeds, noongar names. Please tell us if you find any missing or incorrect links on these pages – [email protected].

Next planting activity – back to the dog-beach!

The next planting (not quite as large and busy as the one near Clancy’s) will occur on Sunday June 28th at 9am. We are looking to plant about 400 plants but each will take longer because there is more walking and carrying involved.

We will gather at the dog beach (old path 16 – now CMB 12). This is found at the northern end of the slip-road running parallel to West Coast Highway north of Floreat Beach. Please wear enclosed footwear and long pants, as well as glasses or sunglasses. 

We will be planting various species in the dog-beach restoration areas  – carpobrotus, conostylis, sedge, leucophyta, olearia, rhagodia and scaevola – to improve the diversity there. In earlier years’ plantings, we have concentrated on getting spinifex growing on what was bare sand, but we now want to get other species established.

Virtual Perth NRM Coastal Forum Friday 19 June

Just a reminder about Perth NRM’s on-line Coastal Forum this Friday, June 19th – all welcome. Please register at the link below.

NRM will be bringing you presentations from experts Andrew Outhwaite and Tayanah O’Donnell.  Our on-line format has enabled Perth NRM to engage to national coastal and marine experts, we hope that you can participate.

Join us as we dive into the social and environmental impact of community connections. We will explore the future of the WA coastline, the role of community awareness and action, and approaches to engaging youth in improving the intergenerational impacts around Climate Change.

This interactive workshop is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn from national experts who are world leaders in their field.

Date: Friday 19 June

Time: 11am

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Online Zoom Meeting

Date: Friday 19 June

Time: 11am

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Online Zoom Meeting

Cost: FREE, limited places available – Register Here

Planting at Clancy’s dune on 14 June 2020

Congratulations to the team – 1021 plants in 2.5hrs

A huge turnout of members and volunteers this morning at City Beach resulted in planting 1021 plants in 2.5 hours.  It wasn’t easy work – cutting a hole in the matting to enable a hole to be dug with a trowel for the plants, placing a fertiliser tablet in the hole, knocking the plant out of the pot, planting it and firming down around the sides of the root ball, then placing a plant guard around it and securing it with bamboo canes.  Town of Cambridge finished off the job by sending Leo’s water-truck to water the plantings – many thanks to all of you for the hard work.  Hopefully the patrons of Clancy’s Fish Pub will be able to gaze upon a garden of native plants whilst quenching their thirst and enjoying the fish and chips in a year’s time.

Wild(er) storm on Sunday night 24 May

We took the following photos this afternoon at Floreat Beach, which has been badly eroded and in our restoration areas on the dog-beach north of the Floreat Drain. Fence poles from those areas about 1km north of the Floreat Beach playground are being washed up at the Floreat Groyne. The ramp down to the beach from Floreat SLSC has been undercut and the fencing washed away. Our 2016 restoration area north of the Floreat Drain (CMP 16) has been badly eroded with probably about 2m of dune lost to the ocean together with most of our fencing, but the damage seems limited to the washed away frontage – the planted area seems OK without significant wind damage to plants.
We put a lot of effort in 2019 into mounding and brushing after installing windbreak fencing around the area at the top end of the slip road, dog-beach track 16 (now CMP 12). The planted areas are inaccessible at present but would seem undamaged from what we can see. However, the mounds and brushes and the ends of the windbreak fencing have been removed, together with other lateral fencing north and south of the area with washed away windbreaks.
Sad to see our hard work washed away by an unusual type of storm event but we are making evident progress in revegetating the dunes in the areas shown.

Planting at Clancy’s on Sunday 14 June

Join us at 10 am on Sunday 14 June for our 1st planting in 2020 beach-side of Clancys Fish Pub, City Beach – with safety and social distance guidelines in place (training given on site).  Important to wear closed shoes, long sleeves, long pants. Disposable gloves will be provided. All welcome

Interactive online workshop on coastal birdwatching

Hear from WA Citizen Science Project Coordinator, Tegan Douglas of BirdLife Australia as she talks to us about bird surveys and why they are so important in advocating for the protection of sites and bird species across Australia. Tegan will explain how coastal communities can harness their passion for wildlife and help collect valuable data on birds utilising the Birdata app.  

This interactive workshop is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn how to best utilise the Birdata app in your coastal community.

Date: Thursday 4 June

Time: 1pm

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: Online Zoom Meeting (please let us know if you need any help)

Cost: FREE, limited places available

Register: by Wednesday 3 June