Photo Gallery

Photos take up a lot of space, so only more recent ones and those of a historical nature are included below.  Other photos as per the attached listing are included in a dropbox folder accessible through the following link:

Photos taken prior to Cambridge CC’s incorporation in 1998

2000-05-00 Dune 1 – CCC’s first job at City Beach – clearing and planting

2000-06-00 Trailer delivery and other 2000 photos

2001-06-00 Dune 1 planting

2004-05-00 Photoshoot for National Heritage Magazine

2019-01-08 Sand movement mapping (second run) and fencing at Floreat dog-beach track 16

2018-11-28 Fencing work by CVA and Shell at Floreat dog-beach track 16

2018-10-09 Sand movement aerial survey at Floreat dog-beach track 16 – first run

2018-09-23 Growth in July plantings

2018-08-23 July & August snaps

2018-07-03 July planting and storm damage

2018-06-17 Path 16 planting

2018-06-05 Floreat dog-beach storm damage

2018-05-09 Western Suburbs Weekly article

2018-04-26 S&P Global weeding