The information in this part of the website draws heavily from Professor Kingsley Dixon’s book ‘Coastal Plants – A guide to the identification and restoration of plants of the greater Perth region’, (second edition 2020) published by CSIRO Publishing and copyright to Cambridge Coastcare Inc. Some other descriptions are sourced from the ‘Florabase’ compiled by the WA Herbarium, a unit of the Western Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife; Florabase provides additional photos and information about plant species and is hyperlinked where possible.

The WA coastline hosts in excess of 1200 species of plant, about the same number as occur within the British Isles. Just over 10% of these species are considered weeds. The Perth coast is a rich resource of biodiversity. With 147 species of native plants found in the dunes of the Perth metropolitan coast, the plant resources provide almost year-round flowering, fruiting, seeding and habitat opportunities for the abundant insect, reptile and bird life. It is not practicable to list every one of these species. Kingsley Dixon’s book ‘Coastal Plants’ contains descriptions and photos of the most abundant and ecologically important 100 species found along the west coast and supporting information on seed biology, ecological processes and restoration technology. Copies of the book are available from leading booksellers or from CSIRO Publishing.

Our website information is divided into four sections:

  • Coastal plants – 99 of the more common and conspicuous local species as described and illustrated in K Dixon’s book.
  • Weeds – 29 of the most prevalent weed species found in our area and a link to Cottesloe Coastcare’s website which contains descriptions and photos of more than 30 species of weeds.
  • Noongar names for coastal plants
  • Cambridge Coastcare plantings – approximately 60 species planted by Cambridge Coastcare in our section of the coastline (bordered by an extension of Bold Park adjacent to the Campbell Barracks Dept of Defence property in the south and by the Town of Cambridge/City of Stirling boundary in the north) since 2010. These species are linked to the descriptions and photos in ’Coastal Plants’ where possible, and to Florabase.

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