This page lists the more common and conspicuous weeds found in coastal dunes, 16 of which are as described and illustrated in Professor Kingsley Dixon’s book ‘Coastal Plants – A guide to the identification and restoration of plants of the Perth region’, published by CSIRO Publishing and copyright to Cambridge Coastcare Inc in 2010.  Clicking on a common name will open a copy of the relevant section in the book, complete with plant photographs.  We have added a DPIPWE publication on Sea Splurge, and two papers on pigface hydrids, both of which have emerged as problem weeds in recent times.

Photos and descriptions of 39 weed species can be found on Cottesloe Coastcare Association’s website – http://cottesloecoastcare.org/dir/weeds

Common nameScientific nameThumbnail
Beach evening primroseOenothera drummondiiW11 O-drummondii
Dune arctothecaArctotheca populifoliaW12 A-populifolia
Dune onion weedTrachyandra divaricataW13 T-divaricata
Lesser dodderCuscuta epithymumW14 C-epithimum
Marram grassAmmophila arenariaW15 A-arenaria
Onion weedAsphodelus fistulosusW16 A-fistulosus
PigfaceCarpobrotus edulisW17 C-edelis
Pigface hydrid:
Carpobrotus article in Coastlines Autumn 2015
Carpobrotus edulis/virescens
Greg Keighery's report - Carpobrotus - for Stirling CC Nov 144
W17A Carpobrotus hybrid
Hare's tail grass/pussy tailLagurus ovatusW18 L-ovatus
Rose pelargoniumPelargonium capitatumW19 P-capitatum
Sea rocketCakile maritimaW20 C-maritama
Sea wheatgrassThinopyrum distichumW21 T-distichum
Soursob, soursopOxalis pescapraeW22 O-pescaprae
White arctotisArctotis stoechadifoliaW23 A-stoechadifolia
Whiteflower fumitoryFumaria capreolataW24 F-capriolata
Wild oatAvena fatuaW25 A-fatua
Wild radishRaphanus raphanistrumW26 R-raphanistrum
Sea SpurgeEuphorbia paraliasW27 Sea Splurge E-paralias