BioLINC Project
Cambridge Coastcare is working with the Town of Cambridge to reconnect the north and south coastal dunes at City Beach. The BioLINC project (Landscape Integration for Natural Connections) aims to assist biodiversity linkages and develop more sustainable, community-friendly landscapes………..

Challenger Park Ecozone
The Challenger Park Ecozone project is collaboration with the Town of Cambridge and forms part of the Town’s broader Ecozone Implementation Program……..

Fred Burton Dune
This site is one of Cambridge Coastcare’s largest. The Fred Burton Dune provides an important ecological link between the dunes south of City Beach, and the Boardwalk dune adjacent to Floreat Beach. …….

Old West Coast Hwy Service Rd Carpark
This site is the most northerly of Cambridge Coastcare’s activities……..

Arresting Floreat dog beach blow-outs
The blowouts are at about the closest point between the ocean and West Coast Highway……..

Floreat Beach erosion control
Our project seeks to delay further erosion by using wind-break fencing to collect blown sand at the foot of the dunes to build up the dune frontage. When practicable, we plan to lay coir mesh matting over the dune front to assist in stabilising it……..

Improving coastal dune monitoring & management – Phase 2
This project identify trends in coastal erosion and accretion at Floreat Dog-Beach and will establish a new baseline of an untreated site north of Floreat Surf Life Saving Club. High resolution vegetation maps and 3D models will allow a more detailed analysis of re-vegetation success rates, sand encroachment and erosion……..

Helicopter car-park dune restoration project
The stretch of dunes fronting the Helicopter car-park has been severely degraded over a number of years by storm erosion and by human access reducing vegetation cover. Over a decade ago……..