BioLINC Project

BioLINC Project

No go at present for the BioLINC project

Sadly the Town of Cambridge council decided at its meeting on 23 May 2016 not to match the $150,000 grant offered by Lotterywest for the BioLINC project stage 1.  There had been considerable community opposition to our plans to create a corridor of biodiversity along the western edge of Jubilee Park and Fred Burton reserve so as to link the dunes to the south of City of Perth Surf Club to those to the north of Floreat Surf Club.  South City Beach residents were opposed to Cambridge Coastcare’s plan to convert the edge of Jubilee Park into native bush-land, preferring it to remain grassed as at present.  The BioLINC project was approved by ToC council in 2013 on a conditional basis, and that approval remains in place, so we shall consider what alternative means of achieving and funding a biodiversity corridor remain available to us.  Meanwhile, our focus remains on current projects including:

  • Improving the native flora in the dunes to the immediate south of the new restaurants and Surf Club building at City Beach
  • Improving the native flora in the southern end of Fred Burton Reserve, where we have conducted a busy-bee on 15 May and a planting day on 29 May – see photos
  • Restoring the sand piled up behind the new shed at Floreat SLSC by matting the steep slopes and planting with dunes arresting vegetation.
  • Arresting the dune blow-outs along the Floreat Dog Beach around paths 14 and 16 in particular, for which we have a current application for a grant in conjunction with Town of Cambridge.

We will continue to work in close co-operation with Town of Cambridge to pursue our objectives.

Cambridge Coastcare was previously working with the Town of Cambridge on a major project to reconnect the north and south coastal dunes at City Beach as a major project to assist biodiversity linkages and develop more sustainable, community-friendly landscapes. Called the BioLINC project (Landscape Integration for Natural Connections), the project will seek community sponsorship to link with state of the art interpretive trails and restoration that includes building new dunes, restoring native vegetation in degraded areas and providing a world-class coastal walking opportunity. This will one of the largest biodiversity programs undertaken in an Australian capital city coastal area and will be a showcase for the community and visitors.

The project is still in the planning stages and its detail will be subject to approval by Town of Cambridge in due course.  After costing, the project will be addressed in stages with grant funding sought as it progresses.  We had obtained a grant from Lotterywest of $150,000 and were presented with a cheque in April 2016 by our local MP, The Hon Sean L’Estrange, Minister for Mines and Petroleum, and Small Business, to mark the occasion – see photos below.  Sadly this grant was dependent on a matching contribution from Town of Cambridge which was rejected at its council meeting on 23 May.

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More details of the BioLINC Project can be downloaded in pdf format here