Floreat Beach Dune Restoration

We have obtained a Coastwest 2020-21 Grant to undertake dune restoration work along the Floreat Beach frontage from Floreat Surf Life Saving Club’s beach access ramp (CMB22) to the path leading from the beachfront car-park south of the Floreat kiosk and playground (CMB25). There has been concern for many years about erosion at Floreat Beach. The two groynes at City Beach and south of Floreat Beach were built in 1935 and 1958 respectively to prevent beach erosion, whilst in 1978 cyclone Alby washed away Floreat Surf Life Saving Club’s old building, leaving its car-park (which had been on its landward side) on the edge of a steep cliff. Whilst that car-park has survived with some reduction along its frontage, dunes in front of the kiosk and the rebuilt Floreat Surf Club have been significantly eroded, and particularly in recent years’ winter storms.


It may be difficult to prevent further erosion without significant engineering works and Town of Cambridge is preparing a detailed Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Reduction Plan to address both long and short-term risks to infrastructure such as the surf club and kiosk. In the meantime, our project seeks to delay further erosion by using wind-break fencing to collect blown sand at the foot of the dunes to build up the dune frontage. When practicable, we plan to lay coir mesh matting over the dune front to assist in stabilising it and then plant it with native species such as spinifex, olearia and scaevola. Native plants bind the surface of the dune and protect it but are delicate and easily damaged by human feet so we have also fenced off the dune to deter access. Please assist by keeping to designated paths!