We have an ambitious planting programme and need more volunteers to help conserve the dunes in City and Floreat Beaches.

Membership is just $20 individual, $30 family.  Click for CCC Membership Application Form


Latest planting Sunday 26 July 2015

Many thanks to the 28 members and volunteers who helped us with planting around the car-park at Floreat Beach – the heavy rain beating down as I write on 30 July will ensure we have good survival from the planting and that the rather barren area of dune between the car-park and the playground at Floreat will become a colourful native garden within a few years.

Milestone passed: 100,000 plants

Cambridge Coastcare was first established in 1998/99. Its committee at that time was led by Stuart Knott, who sadly passed away in 2012. Also on the first committee were Ivo Davies, Lionel Johnston and Kingsley Dixon all of whom remain as major contributors to our association. At some stage in the past year, we have passed a major milestone for CCC – we have planted more than 100,000 plants since inception. We have done so with substantial grant income and have retained the same subscription rates as in our first year.

Kate Sputore, Coastcare Co-Ordinator

It is great to be able to welcome back Kate Sputore as our coastcare co-ordinator. We look forward to meeting her young daughter Alexa on future planting days and busy-bees but they were unable to attend the most recent ones. Kate’s return from maternity leave means that we have had to say goodbye to Alex Johnston who was a most capable and hard-working stand-in for Kate. We wish him well in his future career.

Planting day 12 July 2015

A big thank you to the many members and volunteers who have supported Cambridge Coastcare plantings and busy-bees in 2015 and in particular to the 20 who turned out on a cool Sunday morning to plant spinifex and a few other species at the boardwalk. We also removed unsightly hessian from the fore-dune area as it had done its job and had allowed spinifex to establish itself to retard erosion. 

Successful busy-bee on 21 June 2015

Over 20 members and volunteers came to assist in removing dead branches and other debris from the dunes adjacent to the new surf club development at City Beach on 21 June. They also helped in securing the temporary reticulation pipes installed by Town of Cambridge on these dunes, which will benefit survival for our plantings during the summer months.  Large piles of plant material were removed and those attending were provided with a much-needed cup of coffee as well as collecting their new shirt if their first 2015 attendance.  The next planting day is likely to be on 4 July, but an email will be sent to members and volunteers to confirm this.

Plant information now on website

Several new pages are now available on this website detailing coastal plants and the species which we have planted in recent years.  There is also a page on weeds.  The tables of plants include thumbnails to assist in identifying particular plants and can be sorted and searched.  The table of our plantings shows locations where we have planted different species since 2010. Each plant is linked to an extract of Kingsley Dixon’s book on coastal plants and to the relevant page in the WA Dept of Parks and Wildlife’s database called Florabase.

First planting day for 2015 – the new shirts have arrived!

New shirts pic 24may15

New Cambridge Coastcare shirts are now available, thanks to a grant from Perth Region National Resource Management, the federal government body which funds the provision of coastcare officers around Australia.  The new cotton shirts, modelled here by Nikki and Julie Sarginson, were distributed to the more than 20 members and volunteers who attended our first planting for 2015 on 24 May.  Together we planted over 2500 plants in the dune adjacent to the formidable surf club development at City Beach – we understand that rumours about a missile battery installation on the roof are untrue!  We look forward to more members attending our next planting – the date to be determined after we get the next substantial rainfall – and we have shirts available for those unable to attend on 24 May.

Planting dates for 2015

Planting dates are always weather dependent and we may need to revise these nearer the time dependent upon rainfall and nursery deliveries. Provisionally, we anticipate conducting another planting on Sunday morning 9 August 2015, commencing 9 am.


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The committee meeting dates for 2015 are listed below. All meetings start at 7pm and are held in City Beach.
2 February
9 March
4 May
8 June
6 July
3 August
7 September
5 October (proposed date of the annual general meeting – to be confirmed)
2 November
Christmas Party – in December to be advised.