KD 18 Aug 16

Congratulations to Kingsley Dixon on his award as WA Scientist of the Year.  He received the award on 19 August from the Premier who is also minister for science.  Curtin University’s acknowledgement of his award says that his discovery of the chemical in smoke which causes seed germination is worth $100 million annually globally in its application to agriculture, conservation and restoration.  For more information, see attached extract from The Science Network Western Australia’s press release.

New grant for Cambridge Coastcare

We have been awarded a grant for $11,200 for the cost of matting materials to address the blowouts in Floreat dog beach dunes around path 16 (approx opposite Bent St) and between paths 13 and 14 (opposite Oban Rd) in City Beach.  The total project cost is budgeted for $26,500 with Town of Cambridge contributing plants, fencing and logistical support, whilst we provide volunteer labour.

The path 16 blowouts are at about the closest point between the ocean and West Coast Highway.  We plan to lay about 1600 m2 of coir matting behind fences up the dunes and then plant the strips of matting with tough plants like spinifex to arrest the blowouts and revegetate the dunes. It will take many years for the vegetation to grow back to do the job, but we need to start the process.  The blowouts are exacerbated by fitness enthusiasts running up the dunes and other beach users so signage and other steps are planned to try to limit such damage.  The following photos were taken at a visit by a reporter from the Western Suburbs Weekly to demonstrate what we plan to do with the planted area photo being from the work recently done on the sand pile behind the new shed at Floreat surf club.

Planting is over for 2016 (well almost)

Many thanks to all members and volunteers who have contributed to planting over 5500 plants this winter.  The last 900 will be planted by the Green Army, who are booked to start on 29 August and will complete the task for the year.  They will also start work on the 2016-7 Floreat dog beach project by installing additional fencing.

We had a good turnout on 7 August, for our planting session at Fred Burton south, especially considering the blustery conditions and threat of rain, which fortunately managed to miss City Beach!  12 of us planted about 1000 plants during the morning in two hours.  See photos

We may need a busy-bee or two during the warmer months – weeds in Fred Burton south were sprayed not long ago and we will need to remove the dead vegetation to make room for more plantings there.  We will give everyone good notice of the date in due course.  In the meantime, we have our AGM scheduled for 3 October and notices will be issued soon.

Spring around the corner

Spring flowers

Cockies tongues (Templetonia retusa) and Panjang (Acacia lascioscarpa) photographed in full flower on 19 July at the ecozone along Challenger Parade between Jubilee Crescent and Boscombe Avenue.

Sophie Cross has article published in the Journal of Insect Conservation

After completing her Honours thesis at UWA, assisted by the inaugural Stuart Knott Scholarship from Cambridge Coastcare, Sophie Cross has had an article published in the Journal of Insect Conservation – more information under Projects – see attached.

Weekly task force

We would still like to find a small group of volunteers who would be prepared to dedicate a few hours on a given day each week to dune conservation – mainly weeding but also other tasks such as supervising contractors etc.  The same request in the last newsletter generated a couple of offers, but we need a larger number than that to make a sustainable working group.  How about it?.  If you are interested, please contact our secretary John Campbell.

Current newsletter

2016 autumn newsletter

The next meeting will be our AGM on 3 October 2016, at 8pm (time to be confirmed soon) at City Beach Oval pavilion, Fred Burton Drive, City Beach.


We have an ambitious planting programme and need more volunteers to help conserve the dunes in City and Floreat Beaches.

Membership is just $20 individual, $30 family.  Click for CCC Membership Application Form